January 2009 ELabs Meeting

ELabs members will meet January 7-8 at Fermilab. As a first step to developing our agenda, we should first understand the priorities for the ELabs project.

Understanding Priorities

Our highest priority is to develop a plan and common understanding of what we need to do to meet the requirements of the NSF proposal. The developers of each e-Lab should fill in what tasks need to be done and what new or improved functionality is required to complete these tasks. If the task/functionality affects all e-Labs, then please enter this under General. Please enter any items related to evaluation such as finalizing/evaluating pretests/posttests. From this list, we should be able to develop an agenda for our meeting.


  • Settling on a technology learner outcome and understanding how to enhance e-Labs to allow students to satisfy it. (1) do we need such an LO? 2) do any of the e-Labs prepare students to achieve the current LO? 3) Could we define an optional Tech/Grid LO (perhaps the current one), with an optional study that does prepare students to achieve it? 4) Could we assign LOs to studies, rather than to e-Labs as a whole?)

  • Overall web portal design, from the front page, to how we direct both newcomers and seasoned veterans to where they want to go quickly and without confusion. How are the forums laid out? How are individual accounts managed? Is there one wiki for the whole site, or one wiki per e-Lab? How to we restrict access to teacher materials (should we restrict access to teacher materials? based on what criteria?)

CMS e-Lab

  • We have already mentioned that we would like to discuss face-to-face the new "drag and drop" interface for the OGRE. This can be listed as part of getting the CMS e-Lab ready for expert/peer review.
  • Integration of OGRE with e-Lab site software
  • Finalize nomenclature: suggested: one CMS e-Lab, with three data sets (Test Beam, Monte Carlo, Run data), and different studies targeted at different data sets
  • CMS full e-Lab LOs approved
  • Studies for MC and Run data written
  • pre/post test for CMS written
  • Workshop agenda, curriculum assembled

Cosmic e-Lab

  • Discuss the structural interaction between the Perl, jsp and Swift in order to understand how to create new analyses.
  • Finish the pre- and post-test and discuss process to roll out the new version.
  • Discuss searching data via a world map (i.e., search for data and display results on a map.)
  • Discuss using wildcards for data searches.

LIGO e-Lab

  • Interface between Bluestone (PHP) and the e-Lab site software (JSP)
  • Grid execution of a Bluestone analysis under Swift
  • Pre-test and post-test
  • Workshop agenda, curriculum assembled

Technology Infrastructure

  • IT survey - what is the environment like "out there" for our teachers, and for our students?

Wild Card (including new, interesting, and crazy ideas)

  • If it doesn't fit under another heading add it here!


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