Drupal Commons 2 to Drupal 7 Conversion Meeting 12/05/16

Present: Marge, Liz, Sudha, Kevin Munday, Joel, Ken

  1. We shall switch from Drupal Commons 2, which is based on Drupal 6 (not supported anymore), to Drupal 7 (D7) core + organic groups + modules (many are available). This version is currently stable. Out of the box, it is going to work well on mobile devices (as well as desktops and laptops). The conversion will give an entirely new look and feel. We cannot go to D8 because organic groups are not available yet.
  2. Within the next few days, Kevin Munday (KM) wants us all to contribute suggestions for aspects of the new theme. He wants us to find some websites that have basic interface features we like. CERN Atlas, ND, and airline websites, may be a good place to start.
  3. KM will set up a Basecamp instance for this conversion.
  4. Xeno Media (XM) will work locally on their end for development. Then, the new D7 will be deployed to a staging server at ND and then a production server at ND. Since our databases are also on servers at ND, there will be no firewall issues for the Drupal site to access them.
  5. Documentation can be a big deal. KM wanted us to frame how much documentation we would require. Knowledge we'd need to work on the D7 site ourselves: Drupal, some PHP, git. KM said that he would let us know about some Drupal tutorials for D7.
  6. XM will import users, passwords, and group affiliation into the new D7 site.
  7. We agreed to have a weekly telecon with KM and Senem on Wednesdays at 10am CT regarding Drupal.
  8. We plan to meet face-to-face again on 12/14/16 @ 9:30am.

-- Main.SudhaB - 2016-12-05


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