Database Configuration

The machine is our database server. It runs both PostgreSQL and MySQL



  • Version 8.4
  • Data stored in /bigdisk/data/pgsql
  • Server runs as user postgres
  • Configuration details in /etc/postgresql/8.4/main
  • Server started at boot time by /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4

  • Upgrading major Postgres release versions requires a dump/reload. The on-disk binary format changes in each major release. We typically upgrade with major Ubuntu LTS releases; we may change to Scientific Linux and use Postgres' official RPMs instead.
    • Postgres 9.2 brings in range types, which will be particularly useful


  • userdb2006_1022 : The main elab user and tracking database. The vast majority of content lives in here
  • vds2006_1022 : The main metadata store, which holds metadata information about files, posters, past analyses, etc. Slow, inefficient and slated for replacement.

  • userdb_cosmic2_testing : Test database for www13 and other development purposes
  • vds_cosmic2_testing : Test metadatabase


  • Version 5.1
  • Data stored in /bigdisk/data/msql
  • Server runs as user mysql
  • Configuration details in /etc/mysql
  • Server started at boot time by /etc/init.d/mysql

  • Not installed yet! Being investigated on by the UChicago team
  • Slated to replace VDS as best we can.
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