It is very important that if someone clones the user database to check what the default is when making new log and comment records. We have had a problem that it changes the default "date_entered" in both the log and comment tables in the user database to use the date the import was performed (which was also the creation date of the database). It lost the "now" default. You discoverd we had to finish the task with:

alter table log alter date_entered SET DEFAULT now();

alter table comment alter date_entered SET DEFAULT now();

Ben Clifford pointed out that the original SQL command to generate the databases used 'now' instead of now(). This worked in earlier versions of PostgreSQL, but seems to fail in more recent versions and uses the creation date of the databsase itself. With the table altered to use now(), we should probably be o.k.

-- Main.LizQuigg - 24 May 2007
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