Cluster Configuration

This page describes the current configuration and status of hardware and software for our cluster. There is a separate page, called Cluster Ops, which describes how to do things with the cluster. Please keep the distinction between the two in mind when adding or editing content.

The List

Production Servers

  • data1: Database server, runs Postgres and MySQL.
  • data4: ~10.5TB primary active storage server.
  • www18: Production web server.

Development Servers

  • www13: Test machine, SSH relaying (replace with small VM? dev?.
  • data2: 3.75TB used for testing.

Obsolete Servers (to be removed)

  • www13: Test machine, SSH relaying (replace with small VM? dev?)
  • www17: Backup/failover web server (this machine has been turned off in January 2014
  • data2: 3.75TB used for testing now.
  • data3: Systems was never able to set this machine up. Unaware of its location.

Obsolete Servers (that were removed)

  • www12: This was a supermicro P4DP6 machine with 2 cores and 1GB of memory. Sent back to FNAL in December 2013.

Virtual Machines

  • dev: KVM Host System
  • vm1:

Obsolete Virtual Machines

  • vm2: Development VM ( www12)
  • vm3: Development VM ( www13)
  • vm4: Development VM ( www14)
  • vm5: Development VM ( www15)
  • =vm7=: Ganglia test server

Compute Nodes

Dual Pentium 4 Xeon 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM

  • node1: Whitebox compute node (old www11)

Quad-core Sandy Bridge Xeon 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM

  • node4: Whitebox compute node (old www14)
  • node5: Whitebox compute node (old www15)
  • node6: Whitebox compute node (old www16)

Obsolete Compute Nodes

  • node0: Whitebox compute node (old www10). Not sure where this box is.
  • node2: Whitebox compute node (old www12). This was sent back to Fermilab.
  • node3: Whitebox compute node (old www13). Not sure about this machine, is it still at Argonne?.
  • node7: Whitebox compute node (old www17). This machine was turned off.
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