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Obtaining access to the new ELabs servers at ND

The new i2u2 servers are hosted at Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing (CRC). To obtain a login to them, you'll need a CRC account, a Notre Dame ID (NDID) and a Notre Dame NetID.

1) If you don't already have an NDID and NetID, this is the first step. If you're an ND student, staff, or faculty, then you'll already have one, so this assumes you're a non-employee:
  • Fill out the Non-Employee NetID Request Form. If that link stops working, search the Notre Dame HR site for it. Use the following information:
    • Department/Affiliated Group: Physics (QuarkNet)
    • This individual is a: (Other) Program Collaborator
    • State the temporary services the requester will be providing to the University: Application administration for QuarkNet Collaboration (or "Data administration," or "software specialist," or whatever you like. I don't think anyone reads this box)
    • Account Start Date: Pick a day within the next week. The current day works.
    • Account Stop Date: One year from the Start Date
    • Sponsor Name: Mitch Wayne (mwyane), Faculty, (574) 631-8475
    • Department: Physics
  • Email the form to Mitch (CC Edit and Joel). He'll sign it and forward it to HR
  • You should get an email with your NDID, a 9-digit number, by the end of the next day.
  • You should get an email with your NetID, a login name (like mwayne or jgriffi8) 3-5 days after that.
  • You now have a Notre Dame account, which is also a Google account. You can login to ND's Central Authentication Service to try it out.
2) Once you have a NetID, you can get a CRC account.
  • The CRC Account Request Form is a Google Doc. If you have a Google account open in the browser you use to open the form, the form will pick it up automatically. It expects this to be your ND account, so if you have a different Google account open, that will confuse it. Be sure to have either your ND account (preferable) or no Google account open in the browser you're using.
  • After you submit the form, you should get an email within a day letting you know that you have a CRC account. You will have to change your ND account password in order to sync it across all of the University's services, but the email will explain how to do that.
  • You'll also be asked to register for a one-hour CRC Basics course held on-campus. We've generally ignored this, with no apparent consequences. If anyone does end up hassling you about it, tell Edit or Joel and we'll take care of it.
3) Let Edit and Joel know what you need to be able to do, and we'll contact the CRC crew to arrange your logins to the appropriate VM's with the appropriate permissions. This usually takes less than a day.

-- Main.jgriffith - 2016-01-07
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