Bluestone Release Versions

The version number of a Bluestone release can be found in the lower left corner of every web page.

During the software development process, a version may first become a "development" release, which may be unstable. This version is for "alpha" testing. If it passes that stage, the revision will become a "test" release, which is for "beta" testing. Ideally this is a "release candidate". If all goes well and no major bugs are found, the release will then become a "production" release.

Listed below are the various releases of Bluestone and where they are installed. Version numbers for production and testing are encoded in CVS tags. The version number for development is just a guess about what we expect will be the next release.

Release Label Version Where
(semi-stable; beta testing and release candidate)
(unstable! alpha testing)

This table originally appeared on the main Bluestone page. You will find more information about Bluestone and the various releases on that page.

The procedure for releasing a new version is described on the Bluestone Update page.
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