Notes on the 11-12 August 2009 LIGO Workshop at Notre Dame

General Overview

  • The users liked the system, but also struggled in some places.

Big Issues

  • Survey/test code is wonky - Phong is working on resolving this
  • The teachers seemed highly confused about using and navigating the logbook
    • The pencil and magnifying-glass icons are not understood to be hyperlinks
    • The instructions at the top of the page are ignored - users go directly to the content
    • Flow of commenting is unintuitive
    • Refresh button if student posts a new logbook or comment?

General Issues

  • Still some problems with IE and CSS frown, sad smile
    • kiwi.php needs some work (lots of dead space)
    • Probably elsewhere as well


  • Legend on the plots is too small and hard to read in PNG mode. Most people can't view (E)PS or SVG.
    • Make a PDF version?
  • Logging in from the Bluestone side (to post a plot) does not then log into the e-Lab side.
  • Pen color selection should be automagic
  • The "save plot as" button and textfield should be separated out and re-ordered. Users click "save plot" before they type something in!
  • The log-scale checkbox doesn't seem to work reliably.
  • Going back to Data Selection clears out the user's previous settings

Forum Issues

  • Users had some trouble finding their profile editing link
  • The links on the top/bottom forum navbar sometimes send users to admin-only sections
  • Need a faster way to access the forum
  • 60-minute edit window is not good for workshops when people go on break

Student Side

  • Teachers would like a link to the teacher pages from the student pages (for users logged in as teacher only!)
  • Displaying a plot from the logbook does not hide the top/side menus

  • Ideally case-insensitive
  • If the field is blank should default to "all" (does this in Cosmic's data search)

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 12 Aug 2009
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